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Our Mono Series of solar PV modules are manufactured with 3 bus bar mono-crystalline silicon cells with a module output at an impressive average of between 16.0% to 17.0%.

The modules (Mono Standard or Mono Black) are stylishly framed solar panels within a corrosion resistant aluminium frame (natural/silver or black) or in the case of the Ilanga series, frameless (glass-on-glass) that offers protection from wind loads of up to 2400Pa and dynamic and static loads of up to 5400Pa. It also offers stability and reliability of the module not to mention in its durability (life expectancy).

Once manufactured, each module undergoes a sun simulation test which assigns its individual power outage class (230wp – 245Wp). Our Mono Standard and Mono Black solar panels weighs 21kgs and measure 1633 x 997 x 41mm in size. The Ilanga range weighs 30kgs and measures 1633 x 997 x 7mm in size

All modules hold TÜV Rheinland verified certification including; IEC61215 and IEC61730.”

Solar PanelsMono Standard Series (230 – 245 Wp):

The Mono Standard Series Solar Panels comes with standard silver aluminium frames and a variation in backsheets; White, Black or Clear.

Modules in this series:
    • Silver frame with a white backsheet
    • Silver frame with a black backsheet
    • Silver frame with a clear backsheet


Solar Panels

Mono Black Series (230 – 245 Wp):

The Mono Black Series Solar Panels comes with black, anodised framing and again, a variation in back sheets; white, black, or clear.

The black backsheet in this range can offer further aesthetic appeal by having all interconnects hidden in the module.

Modules in this series:

Black frame with a white backsheet

Black frame with a black backsheet

  • Black frame with a clear backsheet
  • Black frame with a black backsheet and hidden interconnects


Solar PanelsIlanga Series: Glass - Glass/Clear Backsheet Panel

The Ilanga series Solar Panels is an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing series offered by Green Point Solar.

The Ilanga module is transparent, allowing light to penetrate through it, making it aesthetically appealing, for example as a building facade.

The module is frameless and thus is glass-on-glass. The placing of the cells ultimately determines the final transparency and output of the module.

 Solar PanelsSolar Panels