Powerwall INGE Battery

ForOn / Off Hybrid Solar Storage System


INGE Powerwall battery is a smart battery to match all off grid solar inverter(48VDC) types.When thebattery needs to be used in parallel, the maximum connection is14units, but we recommend2-4 unitsaccording to application.When connecting with off grid 48VDC solar inverters, it does not need to addCanbus/RS485 communication cables with inverters, if inverter brand factory does not haveCanbus/RS485 port, just plug and play use

Product Features

  • LiFePO4 composition–provides exceptional safety and longevity

  • High safety and reliability

  • 6,000cycles/20-yearservice life

  • Consistent performance over wide temperature range

  • Wall-mounted, convenient installation

  • Integrated state-of-the-art BMS to manage and monitor battery information including voltage,current and temperature as well as balance cell charging/discharging rates

  • 5-10yearswarranty