CSun 72P - 320-345w
Poly Module


High Efficiency

The value of each and every solar panel is determined based on how much power it could produce throughout its life time. The polycrystalline panels of CSUN have achieved superior results in the tests performed in the globally renowned laboratories and the projects implemented and the panels displayed outstanding performance.


The CSUN panels used in projects offer investors a positive product experience and the best investment performance.

Key Features

  • Innovative cell and module technology

  • Positive tolerance offer

  • Unique 5 bushbar design improves reliability of module performance

  • Certified to withstand wind (2400 Pa) and Snow loads (5400 Pa)

  • Passed salt mist and ammonia corrosion, blowing sand and hail testing

  • Excellent performance under low light conditions

  • Good temperature coefficient for better output in high temperature regions. 



CSun 70P Poly Panel