ZNShine Solar


ZXP6-LD72 Double Glass - 310-345w Poly Module


High Efficiency

Made with selected materials and components to grant quality, duration, efficiency and through outputs, the ZXP6-LD72 Double Glass Modules by ZNShine Solar features have both decorative and shading functions. They represent the perfect choice for BIPV and BAPV construction applications. This allows you to produce clean energy whilst reducing your energy bill.

Key Features

  • Innovative PV module: In comparison with common double glass modules, our modules are extremely robust and superior air tightness 

  • Anti PID: Limited power degradation of ZXP6-LD72 module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under strict testing condition for production  

  • Easy to install: The module is very light in weight so the installation is easier and transport costs are lower.

  • High Efficiency: High module efficiency up to 17.58% 
    Graphene coating can increase about 2W of the module efficiency by rising around 0.5% of the light transmission. 

  • Better Weak Illumination Response: Lower temperature coefficient  and wide spectral response. Higher power output, even under low-light settings.

  • Customisation: we can customise your graphene glass with self-cleansing functions according to your requirements. Graphene glass modules can increase light transmitting and increase component efficiency. 



ZNShine - ZXP6-LD72 Double Glass