Rainwater Harvesting

“Conserving water saves energy and conserving energy saves water”

The Situation that we all should strive for is to use the municipal water as backup only.

Rainwater, as the primary source of water must be used as best we can, and wastage reduced as much as possible.


Water sources should ideally be used in the following order:

  1. Harvest and directly use rainwater and then…,

  2.  Re-use the water already used as greywater and finally,

  3. Groundwater and municipal sources must only be used to cover possible shortfalls in low rainfall seasons.

Rainwater can be harvested in the soil or a tank.

The goal is to slow or check the water-flow and then be able to control and manage the usage and supply thereof. If you control the runoff you can direct it straight to reservoirs.

The Goal of Rainwater Harvesting: 

Is to turn runoff water, into soak-in and use water; Runoff volumes and speed must be considered at any one time. 


So, expect and compensate for maximum volumes rather than averages. These two factors influence the harvesting values directly.

Rainharvesting Diagram.png