ZNShine Solar

ZNShine 72 Cell Poly 12-Bushbar.jpg

ZXP6-T72 /12 bushbar Poly Module 320-345w


High Efficiency

Made with selected materials and components to grant quality, duration, efficiency. This allows you to produce clean energy whilst reducing your energy bill.

Key Features

  • Good Low-light performance: Excellent performance under low-light environments. 

  • High efficiency: Dense busbars shorten the current conduction distances between bars and lower serial resistance; increases 7-8W power output.  

  • Minimise Crack Effect: Collected more current, almost no power generation efficiency lose by internal cells cracked.

  • Improve reliability: Improve product reliability; m1n1m1ze the probability of pressure and battery fragmentation caused by thermal stress.

  • Longer lifetime: Minimise the heat resistance due to internal cracks, bringing longer life span and less attenuation.


ZXP6-T72 / 320-345W Poly Module