ExSolar Monitoring


ExSolar have developed an Energy Monitoring Device which allows you to monitor your usage via our portal.  It can be used for either 3 phase or single phase AC systems, and is more accurate than other systems available on the market that typically only estimate the voltage. It has 3 AC inputs for various power measurements, and 1 DC input to measure both battery voltage and current – typically used for monitoring battery banks.

Also available are a number of network modules for connecting the Grid Tie Limiter/Energy Monitor to our web-based portal:  WIFI, Ethernet or GSM. The unit will then log and display per second readings. The unit is designed to measure bi-directionally on both the AC and DC current systems.

This device allows Solar systems to be able to “follow the Load” and not over-produce, therefore it prevents pushing energy back to the grid. This feature is especially necessary for installations with Digital or Pre-paid meters (which bill the client when energy is pushed back to Eskom).



You can review a live demo of the Energy Monitor at the following address:

User: DEMO
Password: Demo4you
* User and Passwords are case sensitive

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